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Ready to Welcome in the New Year

We can all agree that 2020 is a year we’ll never forget, even if we might like to disregard at least some parts of it. Regardless, we can always learn from adversity—and we can always find hope for what is to come. Our staff shares some of their thoughts on transitioning from 2020 to 2021, including lessons learned and things to look forward to:

  • Katie Tjader, Receptionist: I chose “self-care” as my word for the year before realizing what 2020 had in store, but self-care ended up being what I was forced to focus on anyways! I had lots of time to read, drink tea, take long walks, connect with friends from across the country via Zoom, take virtual yoga classes and spend quality time with my husband. This year has forced me to slow down and enjoy the little things!
  • Dr. Jewelia Wagner: I learned many things in 2020 and not all were losses. As a family, we gained a tremendous amount of focused time together. When things open back up, I know it will be okay to decline commitments when things get too crazy. I have also gained a huge appreciation for my fellow healthcare workers and coworkers, teachers and service workers.  I intended to carry over this gratitude to 2021!
  • Nikki Scheer, Medical Assistant: I have learned that in in the most difficult of times, our teamwork and compassion comes out in our team. The determination I have seen in our staff and providers to accommodate the situation we were given has been top notch. We are still learning as we go, but aren’t missing a beat in the care we give to our patients. I would have not seen or noticed this as much had the pandemic not forced itself upon us. Due to personally having to experience quarantining, I have been able to watch my kids with their struggles and successes with distance learning – something I would have not been able to experience working full-time outside of my home. I have spent more time with them on small activities they get to do during the day that I normally wouldn’t get to do. This time has reminded me to try and slow down, and live in the moment when the opportunity is granted to us. Here is to a hopeful and healthier 2021.
  • Jenifer Rossow, Medical Assistant: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” 2020 definitely challenged all of us to be better and do better. So, that only means 2021 will be a great new year!
  • Jenn Robinson, Triage Nurse: I am really grateful for our patients for their understanding and ability to adapt and be flexible during these past several months. As an organization, we adopted many changes very quickly and we would not have been able to be as successful in keeping our patients and ourselves safe without the support of our patients. As a triage nurse, it has been a real privilege to have been able to help patients during this pandemic. Our patients trust us and we were who they called for information, so that means a lot. The funny thing is, I found that by talking with patients about their fears and concerns, it was actually helpful for me, too! So, we will all get through this together. We have all overcome so much already and I think we are all stronger for it. 2021 is going to bring a new vaccine and the hope for better days ahead, so this is something to look forward to!

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