We are honored to be a part of the pregnancy journey for our patients and their families. Clinic Sofia offers full spectrum prenatal care including genetic screening, ultrasounds, diagnostic tests, prenatal counseling, and supporting your overall wellness.

For full information, please see the Prenatal Information Packet.  For information relating to the third trimester and delivery, please see the Third Trimester Information Packet.


Preconception Planning

Your clinic offers preconception counseling for couples who are ready for children. This usually involves lab tests and discussion about nutrition and lifestyle with your caregiver.

Preconception planning

Prenatal Counseling

Pregnancy is exhilarating, filled with physical and emotional changes. You may have many questions throughout this time and part of our job is helping you know what to expect. Your compassionate caregivers at Clinic Sofia support a healthy pregnancy with medical expertise.

Prenatal counseling

Genetic Screening

Genetic screening checks your baby’s risk for abnormalities. This usually happens early in your pregnancy.

Genetic screening

Diagnostic Testing

As opposed to genetic screening, diagnostic tests either confirm or deny the presence of irregularities. These tests are usually done if the genetic screening reveals a high risk.

Diagnostic testing

Delivery & Postpartum Care

For delivery, you may choose either Fairview Southdale Hospital or Maple Grove Hospital. The physician who delivers your baby will most likely be the one who has been with you throughout your pregnancy.

We know that many new mothers have questions about their body after giving birth. Postpartum care is just as important as prenatal care. We will help you learn how to support yourself and your new baby.

Prenatal & Birthing Classes

Many expecting families are interested in learning more about parenting, infant development and the birthing process.  Clinic Sofia has partnered with Amma Parenting Center and Maple Grove Hospital in order to provide resources that can supply answers in a supportive and welcoming environment.  For more information, follow the links to their website.

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We use Fairview Southdale Hospital and Maple Grove Hospital for labor, delivery and surgical procedures.


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