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Placenta Encapsulation

Most land mammals eat their placenta after birth, and ingesting the placenta has been a part of Chinese medicine practices for centuries. Some cultures believe that it helps support fertility in the future.

While there is no specific scientific evidence on the benefits of placenta encapsulation, some moms report that it aids in recovery, reduces the baby blues, increases energy and even enhances milk supply. The placenta contains both hormones and iron, which leave the body with childbirth, and proponents of placenta encapsulation believe that the pills can support more balanced hormone levels, leading to faster healing and decreased stress.

“At Clinic Sofia, we are here to support you during your pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum period, no matter what your individual journey looks like,” said Dr. Donna Block, founder of Clinic Sofia.

The process itself involves freezing the placenta, then thawing, steaming, chopping and drying the placenta. Then it’s ground up, so that it can be encapsulated in pill form and consumed like a vitamin. Many local doulas provide the service, which generally costs around $200. The placenta can produce anywhere from 75 to 200 capsules, depending on size and gestation, which can be taken immediately and also frozen for future events such as weaning or menopause.



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