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Vaccines and Fertility

There has been a lot of discussion (and some confusion) about vaccinations this past year, particularly among those who are pregnant or trying to conceive. Clinic Sofia shared an article about the safety of the COVID vaccine for pregnant women that you can find here.  In addition, we recently asked Dr. David Clay, who has a special interest in fertility management and has been closely monitoring the latest information related to the vaccine, to shed some light on the topic of vaccines and fertility and help to dispel some of the misinformation that may be online.

Q. Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect fertility?

A. Just like other vaccines, the Covid-19 vaccine does not impact fertility. I have fielded many questions on this topic throughout the pandemic, and I know it is a big concern among our patients. While there may have been some unknowns early on, we now have more experience and studies to better prove that there is no association between the Covid-19 vaccine and infertility.

Q. What studies or information help to assure you about fertility safety?

A. I think it’s important to note that all of the major OB/GYN and reproductive groups have noted the safety of the vaccine in fertility and pregnancy. In addition, a recent article from “Science Direct”, a leading source for scientific, technical and medical research, reported that the “spike protein” that occurs from vaccination or infection does not cause infertility.

Q. How does the vaccine work to prevent COVID?

A. The mRNA vaccine (Moderna and Pfizer) introduces the blueprint for making the spike that coats the surface of Covid to your body. Your cells then produce the spike and the immune system learns how to recognize and destroy it. The unique thing about mRNA is that it only lasts a few days in the body before it is then degraded and gone. This way if/when your body is exposed to Covid, it can recognize and attack the actual virus, since it recognizes the spikes on the surface.

Q. What do you tell your fertility patients who are concerned about getting vaccinated?

A. I advise all of my patients that they get vaccinated. Regarding those trying to get pregnant, I advise getting vaccinated against Covid before pregnancy, not because of concerns about the vaccine in pregnancy (it is safe, I advise pregnant women to get it as well) but because of the numerous risks of Covid in pregnancy to both mom and baby, which are mitigated through vaccination.

If you have questions about getting vaccinated for COVID or getting any vaccination—whether you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or just have concerns—please don’t hesitate to reach out to your provider.


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