Ask Sofia: Should I Take Folic Acid?

he longer answer is that if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant now, folic acid is more important than ever.

A B vitamin, folic acid is needed by every single cell in the body for growth and development. Before and during early pregnancy, folic acid can help to prevent birth defects, specifically neural tube defects of the brain and spine – it might also serve to prevent cleft lip and palate and heart defects in babies.

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Ask Sofia: Why did I miscarry?

A miscarriage of a pregnancy can happen for a variety of reasons, and early pregnancy loss, in particular, is more common than most people realize: it happens in 10 to 30 percent of pregnancies, and is more common as women get older. About 80 percent of miscarriages occur in the first trimester, chiefly due to abnormal chromosomal development in the baby, something that is pre-determined at the time of conception. This means that nothing you could have done would have changed the outcome of the pregnancy.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Shining a light for moms and families, on Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. in every time zone across the world, a wave of candle light will honor Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day to “remember our babies.” On that day and throughout Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month in October, Clinic Sofia offers support and resources for anyone who has experienced a miscarriage, loss of an infant, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Symptoms & Wellness

Pregnancy can cause changes in your body that may cause discomfort both before and after delivery. We can help you find remedies to pregnancy symptoms and first signs such as morning sickness, joint pain, insomnia, headaches, and constipation. Clinic Sofia anticipates that your pregnancy will be a positive experience, so we are here for you.

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Trimester 1

The first trimester encompasses conception through week 12 of your pregnancy. During this stage, your caregivers offer comprehensive prenatal counseling information, non-invasive genetic screening and diagnostic testing.

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Trimester 2

Many women have described the second trimester, encompassing weeks 13–27 of the pregnancy, as the easiest. This is usually when you will probably have an ultrasound to determine your baby’s development and you may also check gender.

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