Struggling to Get Pregnant the Second Time

You have probably heard of couples who struggled to get pregnant for years, decided to adopt and then had a second baby with ease. However, there are also women who get pregnant relatively easily the first time around, but face secondary infertility, or failure to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sex. Sometimes age plays a big role; women who conceive easily in their early 30s have a different set of eggs later in that decade. Also, hidden scars caused by childbirth, male factors (low sperm count or motility), hormonal changes or shifts in weight can all play a factor in your ability to get pregnant.

“Interestingly, many couples seeking help with fertility are already parents. Just because you conceived one time doesn’t mean it will be that simple in the future,” said Dr. Jewelia Wagner. “The good news is that it’s often easier to treat fertility issues with couples who have already had a baby.”

If you are age 30 and over, consult your doctor after six months of unprotected sex not resulting in pregnancy, or one year if you are under 30.

Even if you already have one happy, healthy child, it doesn’t mean you’ll be immune to jealousy, isolation, frustration and marital challenges, all hallmarks of fertility issues. “All of these feelings are completely normal for women experiencing infertility, whether for the first time or the second,” Dr. Wagner added. “The sooner you talk with your doctor, the sooner we can prescribe a course of action as well as the support you may need in your pregnancy journey.”


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