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How to Beat Burnout

It’s that time of year: school, sports, parties, busy work schedules, shorter days, even social events can start to feel like a chore when you’re overscheduled and feeling tired, overwhelmed or depleted. While it might seem like putting yourself – your health, your needs and interests – on the backburner is the easiest thing to do when you’re beyond busy, lack of self-care always has consequences.

“We certainly understand how busy life can get and how hard it can be to schedule in simple things like a doctor’s appointment, massage or coffee date with your best friend, but all of those little things can add up to a pretty big deal,” said Dr. Donna Block. “Instead of putting yourself last, it makes more sense to prioritize, say no when you need to and take even a little time every day to do something amazing for yourself.”

Here are some tips for beating fall burnout:

  • Stop comparing yourself with anyone else. This game rarely yields positive results and the fact is, you aren’t anyone else. Do what you can when you can and give yourself a break. Focus more on progress and less on perfection.
  • Tackle first things first and let some things go. Whether you make a list on paper, your phone or tablet or simply recognize your priorities in your head, make sure the most important things – your kids, partner, closest friends and your self – are taken care of. It’s ok to let the laundry pile up for a few extra days or to buy a veggie plate for the office party rather than washing, peeling and chopping yourself.
  • Find shortcuts. Can you use an app for meal planning and grocery shopping? Take turns picking the kids up from soccer with your spouse or neighbor? Notice where you’re spending too much time and brainstorm ideas for taking some of those minutes and hours back.
  • Get help. Maybe it’s help with the lawn and maybe it’s a counselor, but remember: it takes a village. Cultivate yours to find the support you need.

And sometimes, it simply comes down to taking five deep breaths, giving yourself a break and going to bed a little early.




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