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Making the Most of the Rest of Your Year

The adage that “the days are long but the years are short” rings true this time of year as the final days on the calendar often fly by in a burst of holidays, celebrations, family time, and maybe some raking and shoveling. While there are only a few days remaining in 2021, there is still time to achieve a goal, reach out to a friend or reflect on where you are right now.

To make the best of the rest of this year, here are some thoughtful ideas:

  • Donate 21 (or more) things. This is a great time of year to take stock of what you no longer need or use and donate it to a great cause, nonprofit or person in need. And it feels good to let go of the old to make space for the new.
  • Take stock of the year so far. What are you grateful for right now? What have you enjoyed in 2021? What has challenged you? And what do you want to do with the days remaining? You can make a list or simply a mental note to remind yourself how far you’ve come and that you still have time to make an impact.
  • Forgive and let go. If you are holding on to anger or regret, there is no time like the present for letting those heavy emotions go. When you forgive someone, you release the bitterness that you are carrying, doing a service to yourself and the person you forgive.
  • Create a time capsule. You can do this on your own or with family and friends. Gather a few items that quintessentially capture your year, include a note of description and determine a timeline for reopening this window into 2021.
  • Enjoy moments of solitude during a busy time of year. No matter how busy you may get, it is always worthwhile to take a few minutes every day to slow down, breathe, notice and reflect. You can mediate, write a letter to a friend, journal, read or bundle up for a walk outside.

And, of course, move your body, hydrate, eat well, get some sleep, celebrate and take great care of yourself so that you’re poised for a wonderful year to come!

“It is always fun to look forward to a new year – especially after the last two years we’ve experienced – but it’s equally important to appreciate where you are now and to make the most of the time you have,” said Dr. Staci Biegner. “During the holiday season and always, we are grateful for each of you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, question and wisdom with us this year.”


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