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Dr. Block: Where is she now?

Dr. Block: Where is she now?

From your questions and comments, we know how much many of you miss our founder, Dr. Donna Block, who retired and moved from the Twin Cities about a year ago. The following Q&A shares where she is now, what she is doing and what she is enjoying!

Q. You made a big move after retiring, where are you now? 

A. Currently, I am living in Raleigh, NC, as both of my daughters and their little families (I have two grandchildren now: Max, 4 and Abigail, 1½) live here. In truth, I had never thought of this part of the country before my daughters moved here.  Now that I am here, I am learning it has so many of the same qualities of family, culture and environment that Minnesota has…except the summers are suffocating, hot and humid.  The first summer was difficult but having adjusted to the bitter cold and dark Minnesota winters, I can adjust to the heat, too.

Other than spending time with family, one of my big goals for myself is what I preached to all of the women who sought care at Clinic Sofia – that is to take care of myself, because I had been somewhat negligent!  I realized before I “graduated” from Clinic Sofia that my health was my responsibility and if I didn’t care for my physical health, my strong will would not exist. I have become an avid participant at the local gym. I discovered the power of adequate sleep.  My mother, who was somewhat unstable in the beginning, stabilized only to have most recently fallen and hospitalized. That outcome is still to be determined.  Outside of that it would be a highlight if I could work with a North Carolina group who had or wanted the same culture and philosophy as Clinic Sofia.  I am also looking at other things to enhance my interests.

Q. Any big trips planned?

A. Genealogy has become an interest to me. Who were the people before me?  What are the similarities between them and us? Between the somewhat embellished family stories passed down and the real data, I learned that my ancestors mostly came here for opportunity. They took a tremendous risk not knowing the language, reading/writing, where they were going and what were the expectations. I cannot imagine “winging it” with a young family and so much at stake. So, we are going to take a trip to Poland to see where my mother’s family lived before they emigrated.  Knowing them helps me know my family of origin and to strategize how to continue moving forward for the rest of us given the opportunity to live the American dream.

Q. Do you have plans to come to Minnesota?

A. I have been back to Minnesota a couple of times for a wedding as well as a funeral, but haven’t visited Clinic Sofia in my retirement. I haven’t wanted to cast any shadows on those who are so ably guiding Clinic Sofia to the next level. However, I have kept up through the website, newsletter, as well as reports from patients and staff. The mission and culture have stayed the same and it makes me very, very proud!  Clinic Sofia is truly a special place for women.

Q. What surprised you the most about retirement?

A. There is nothing written about this stage nor are there any expectations of being of value at this part of life. So far, it has been so full of reflection.  For me it was difficult going from 100 miles an hour down to about 5 mph and dealing with some health issues – all better now. I had everything sorted and tossed in record time. But then I turned the focus to “what is next?” How can I take the skills I’ve developed and put them to use for others as well as myself? Am I able to manage my time so I can keep all that is important to me well-balanced? I am not exactly “winging it” but will be creative with my next adventures. I decided that retirement is a time to develop a new destiny or maybe just an altered destiny of purpose. No one has expectations so you can do something of value once again since no one is watching to stand in your way!

Thanks to Dr. Block for checking in and we’re glad you’re enjoying your next stage!


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